Jul 30, 2015

Things I've Learned This Summer

I'M ACTUALLY ALIVE. I know. It's been like 6 years or something. I told myself I'd blog more, and yet here I am weeks later. I tell myself I've been productive but I don't think reading a bunch (like 80) of awful, free books on iBooks and watching movies from 2013 that I never got to watch is actually productive (you tell me). But during this vacation from blogging, I've learned alot.

Sense8 is awesome. Seriously. Watch the series. It's about 8 people from around the world learning that they are mentally connected and can communicate and share their skills with one another. Their different personalities and skill sets make them like the ultimate, super Breakfast Club. (It's super hard to explain but it's too mind-blowing for an explanation anyways.) Its Action, Sci-fy, Romance, and a touch of Comedy all at once. AS A SERIOUS WARNING THOUGH, this a MATURE show. Netflix doesn't skimp on nudity, violence, and fake blood and this show definitely isn't an exception. If you can't handle an R-rated movie, don't bother watching it till you're older.

Someone told me they make rotisserie chicken to get rid of near-expired chicken. WHY WOULD SOMEONE TELL ME THAT. Even though its disturbing, I find myself being okay with it. Don't judge me.

Using a credit card gives me anxiety. Add that to my long list of anxieties. Basically things that are adult-ish like driving, fine dining, and now using credit cards, make me anxious. I just don't know proper credit card etiquette. Am I supposed to sign/swipe/press something? But nonetheless, as a credit card owner, I do feel mighty cool.

My doctor thinks I'm anorexic, cool. I assure you that I don't have an eating disorder, and for future reference, asking someone if they do is really insulting. I feel like my doctor is out to diagnose me. She keeps asking me what do I eat. I guess I was supposed to say "Of course!" and just pull out a detailed diary of everything I've ever ate. When I told her I like chicken (The obsession is real) she asked me, "How much chicken do you eat?" What kind of question is that? Do normal people keep track of the dimensions of their chicken servings? Do people use water displacement to figure out the volume of chicken they eat? I just replied "A normal amount?!"

Writing a novel is hard. Like seriously. It's so hard. I tried to write a novel this summer, but I just have some of the characters' names, barely their characterizations, and the main story line. It took me 3 DAYS just to figure out the names of the leads because I was thinking thoughts like, "Even though I prefer 'Lindsay' over 'Lindsey', I feel like she's a spunky Lindsey-with-an-'E' kind of person."

3 rounds of Orthodontics have been oh so fun. Yup. 3 rounds in a span of 10 years. First, when I was in third grade to fix an under bite, then in sixth and seventh grade to straighten my teeth, and again this past year to straighten my molars. You can't see them in my outfit posts because it was just this odd metal contraption that was on the inside of my bottom teeth. I actually had 5 orthodontists too. (One of which I only had for one appointment before he quit, oddly enough.) But as of this summer I AM DONE. (Though I still have to wear a retainer at night for life. Cute.)

Pride and Prejudice is awesome. I read and watched the Kiera Knightly movie and love it! Its basically inspired the girl-and-guy-who-hate-each-other-learn-it’s-a-misunderstanding-and-fall-in-love trend in books. It is mildly difficult to read (Austen likes to change subjects without notice) and slowly-paced but it’s worth it. Finding spinoffs books and movies are so entertaining too. Mr. Darcy is so great.

The #GrowingUpWithStrictParents hashtag on twitter is hilarious and basically explains my life. I need like 3 days and a PowerPoint presentation to convince my parents to let me go out with friends.

"Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes is amazing! I usually read in genre phases (Fantasy, Action, YA fiction, etc.), but my ultimate love has been Chicklit and Romance. I picked this book thinking it would be a light, easy read but it was so much more. It’s an amazing story that makes you question your life and fall in love with a quadriplegic. Its not a difficult read, its just a deeper read than most Chicklit. And I'm beyond excited that a sequel is in the works and a movie is being released next year starring Sam Claflin (Finnick Odair from the Hunger Games)!

It's been so long since I've seen your pretty faces; I'm sorry guys! Expect my usual posting schedule (Probably in mid-August though. The summer/freedom ain't over yet.)

What have you learned this summer? 
Did any of you actually do anything? Any recommendations? Comment below!

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