May 31, 2015

30 Random Thoughts Every Teen (Or Just Me) Has

- What's so romantic about a diseased staircase and blinding sunlight?! Please. Let me get to class.

- I'd rather eat my own arm then do trig integrals.

- I'm hoping my future baby would look like a cross between Perry the Platypus and Jake Gyllenhaal.

- The only thing that'll make me feel better is if Ellen Degeneres popped out from behind the couch.

- Pinky promises freak me out.

- My mom just asked me what "Lol" means... So it begins.

- When I eat spicy food my mouth explodes in flames and I have to fight the urge to hurl myself into oncoming traffic.

- Ah, chivarly. Making girls lazy since Medieval times.

-There's something about high ponytails that make me think I can dance.

- I'm distraught. Where's a pocket Ellen Degeneres when you need one?

- Shouldn't babies be born with clothes? Public nudity is just unacceptable.

- 20's music makes me feel like there's a murderer in the closet.

- "I'm an awesome dancer" said not me.

- Aging is for chumps.

- Me taking my test: I understand teen angst now.

- I cannot accept Nicholas Cage's forehead.

- Future husband--you're rich right?

- Ohmygod Ellen, you are hilarious. When human cloning works, you should be the first.

- Gonna start charging for my friendship. Friendstitution.

- Spent 2 hrs looking up casting calls. I WANNA BE FAMOUSSS.

- I wanna meet Airbud.

- Dropping something important behind the couch is the worst. -Master of Back Bends

- A hug from Dave Franco would be nice right now.

- I can just feel my computer virus's hacker looking through my selfies and fictional romance stories on my laptop. He's gonna think I'm so lame.

- Random Lady: "What middle school do you go to?" (I'm going to college soon)

- Joseph Gordon Levitt, that jacket fits you very nicely. *wink*

- My shampoo smells like vitamins and cough syrup...Um.

- The Love Calculator is ridiculously good a predicting celeb breakups.

- Learned one of my eyes is smaller than the other. No wonder I keep getting fondled by strangers, my face's been leading them on. Guess I can wink afterall.

- Babies shouldn't wear real clothes. People wear real clothes. Babies aren't people. Pssh.

Back in my Fetus Viviane days, I would frequently update a list of random thoughts I had, so these are authentic thoughts from my past. I thought I'd share them. Let me know how accurate this is. Comment below!

Honestly these are thoughts still describe my life perfectly; I still talk about Ellen and babies way too much.

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  1. Yeah I actually agree with you! I'm lazy and proud and I love it when people hold the door open for me!

  2. "I cannot accept Nicholas Cage's forehead" This one gave me life! Hilarious!

  3. Haha thanks! He just has such a,,, "unique" forehead.


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