Feb 16, 2015

How to Pull Off a Selfie: My Guest Post

So you've taken a photo of yourself (shamefully), tried to hide your arms to look like you have a personal photographer, edited the crap out of it, and now you have to post it to the world to prove that in certain moments, with certain poses, with certain filters, you actually don't look like a total potato. Even though you look like a beautiful, majestic creature in it, you still have to come up with a good caption.

There are a couple options you can choose to pull off the selfie.

Option 1: Ignoring the fact that you just posted a selfie, and your Instagram is already 40% selfies. Ignore the content of your picture completely and write about a time where you experienced your first sandwich. "It stared at me, playing hard to get. I was shy. Did it know how much I thought about it? The bread and meat combination was frightening yet... alluring. I was scared. I didn't know if I was ready. But I took a bite of that sandwich. It was okay. #MyFirstSandwich"

Option 2: Putting alot of hashtags to disguise the fact that you posted a selfie. "#Selfie#Fun#HumanGirl#Ugly#JustKidding#Pretty#Summer2k15#ItsActuallySpring#Hashtag#Beyonce#2Kool4Skool#YoureAWizardHarry#Bagels"

Option 3: Completely accepting the fact that you just took a selfie. "This is actually 1 out of the 47 photos I took of myself this morning. I added 8 filters so you can't even tell I'm the same person let alone an actual human. #HeresMyFace"

Option 4: Use music lyrics. Choose your favorite lines from any screamo band. There's no need to cite the actual band, everyone will just know that those are song lyrics and not your thoughts. "AHAHHAGHAGHAGAGHAAGGAGAAHAHHAHAHA I KICK BABIES AND HATE CHOCOLATE AGHAGAHGAGAGGAGAGAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

Now if those tips don't get you hundreds of likes, I don't know what would.

How do you feel about selfies? What's your go-to caption? Comment below!

Check this out as a guest post featured on the lovely Stella's blog, A Night Full of Riots


  1. I read this yesterday it is so hilarious :P

  2. omg ! These tips are so useful I followed each and every tip and I got over 3k likes ! :O #sarcasm
    This is hilarious XD !

  3. Love this!! But is it just me who noticed that the options go in the wrong order? It goes "1,3,2,4". Post is still hilarious!

    Paige xo

  4. Wow good catch! Thanks for letting me know; I swear I know how to count.
    And thanks for reading it! :)

  5. Wow this is HILARIOUS! ;) Subscribed to your blog.

  6. Read this post and immediatley subscribed. Such a funny, creative post.
    Khensi || gurlconfidential.blogspot.co.za

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you're enjoying my content! Definitely check out my other humor posts!


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