Mar 27, 2015

Gif Challenge ft. The Oddest Cartoons

I've been nominated by Jelena from Social Fatality to do her Gif Challenge!

I chose to use cartoons instead of gifs though (I hate gifs). I hope you guys appreciate my artistic talent and craftsmanship!

1. When someone cuts me in line

Mar 15, 2015

How to Pay for College Tuition

College is weird.

You live in a less-glamorous version of a hotel full of other teenagers, eat pizza 4 days of the week, and have to walk 57318 miles a day. But college is also expensive, and instead of getting a job, here are some fast ways to rake in the cash:

- Sell your hair on the black market. Being bald and educated isn't such a bad thing.

- Babysit a thousand children or Brangelina's children (it's basically the same thing). Don't even limit yourself to children; babysit adults and the elderly. Or don't even limit yourself to humans!

Mar 9, 2015

Call it Spring

Top: H&M  - Sale $12
Sweater: Forever 21 - $15
Skirt: Forever 21 - Sale $5
Flats: Ross - $10

Mar 3, 2015

Restaurants Make Me Uncomfortable

I'm already perpetually confused and scatter-brained on a daily basis, but my awkwardness amps up when I venture out into the real world (which only happens a countable number of times; I don't go out) and go to a new restaurant.

Now as my blog title has warned you, I'm only kinda, sorta, (but not really) barely an adult and I have yet to grasp how the real world works. Learning simple social norms of a restaurant are completely foreign to me. I honestly get anxiety when I have to order my own food.

In high school, instead of going to the beach (the beach here is seriously disappointing so I don't know why so many people go) or going to a ragin' house party, my friends and I were the type to go out for meals at restaurants. I know, we're so classy.

And WITHOUT FAIL I always end up embarrassing myself.