Hi! On behalf of the entire Barely Adult crew (er, myself) welcome to my blog!

As the sub header forewarned you, this blog follows my embarrassing life as I try to "find myself" as an adult. No this doesn't mean I'll frolic naked in a forest  to reach my coming of age moment. Nor will I fight kids to the death in a dystopian society. Nor will I be romantically involved in any werewolf/vampire/wizard/Chosen One or some mystical being relationship (sadly). I'm just simply trying to become "an adult" and accept all the perks that come with it --cholesterol, taxes, the good stuff you know?

As of now I'm stuck in adolescence (I still get extremely excited by pizza parties, but then again who doesn't), and this is the story of my trials and tribulations of life as an awkward, sarcastic college student.

New content "every week", and by every week I mean when I have time between group projects, clubs, attempting to be social, and my "doing nothing" time.

I'm sorry if the name has mislead you on Google to some eye-opening (and possibly illegal) porn. When I had decided on "Barely Adult" I had no idea it would be a gateway to porn sites. My other name choices were taken (I'm talking to you Adolessence and Becoming of Age) so I just went ahead and used "Barely Adult". I decided on the name to chronicle my coming of age years not to trick you into seeing unmentionable things if you came from Google. My bad, my bad.

In my defense, I've always been "innocent minded". Like my biography said, I once wrote a paper on fetishes. Embarrassment just comes easy to me.

Promote my blog and you'll meet your soulmate!

Barely Adult
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  1. Do you think you could add the followers widget on here? I would love to get people to follow you!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion girl! I'm still figuring out which widget I want though.

  2. Hey there, I love the content of your blog!
    I have nominated you for the Liebster award :)
    Can't wait to see your response
    -Imogen x

    1. Thank you for the nomination! I've recently posted my Liebster award post from other bloggers so I'll get to yours soon!


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