Apr 30, 2016

None of Your Business

Top (Dress): Forever 21
Crop Top: Handmade
Skirt: H&M - Sale $15

Mixin' business with pleasure. And by pleasure, I mean a crop top.

Excuse the sassy title. I have to make a disclaimer that this isn't your typical business casual look (it's actually not a business casual look). Please don't go to a job interview in a see-through lace top and a crop top.

Now that we got that out of the way, I was feelin' a little bold. A little daring. With this lace dress tucked into a pencil skirt (there's a lot of layers going on under there) and paired with a crop top for (ironic) modesty, I put together a daring almost-professional look. It's very "I'm running for Congress... of the Clubs."

My birthday was last week and as some closing thoughts of no longer being a teenager, I'd like to reflect on how weird it is to be an official 20-something (and by something I mean like 6 days) "adult". Am I supposed to know how insurance/taxes/cholesterol works? What is this "aging" you speak of? Alas like all proper adults, I'll just bumble around and fake it 'til I make it.

It's been such an awesome year full of McNuggets, good 'ole stress, and a wardrobe that won't quit.
Thanks for being a part of it!

As always the photography is by Anne Yu. Check out her work!

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Are you feelin' this Seductress Sarah Palin look? I gotchu:

Seriously, don't wear this to a job interview.
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  1. I like how you tucked your dress in your skirt, It looks good

    1. Thanks! It was alot of layers to struggle in the heat with but totally worth it

  2. Hello to the adult world? :) I'm 19 and nearly 20 actually I'm not that excited I still don't want to leave my teenage years and by the way Love your outfit <3

    Capturing Life Memoirs | aimeebustillo.blogspot.com

    1. I'm 20! Yeah its a really weird inbetween state. Thanks for visiting! If you follow my insta @viviandwinning, you can see more ootds!


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