Mar 18, 2016

On the Fringe

Top: Forever 21 - $25
Skirt: H&M - Sale $10
Boots: DSW - Sale $60

THIS SWEATER GUYS. THIS SWEATER. It was literally crafted by tiny artisan angels and sent to Earth by a unicorn. This sweater makes me all kinds of excited. Thank you Forever 21, for your work.

The weather here has skipped over winter and slammed straight into summer, so sadly I missed my chance to wear this sweater without my organs melting in 5 minutes. BUT, when I'm feeling brave and ready to spend the day in this gorgeous sweater/oven, I'm gonna break this outfit out again.

The textures, mix of crochet patterns, and the fringe make this such a statement piece. I paired it with this simple midi-lengthed deep red skirt to be more chic. This is the perfect outfit when you wanna be cool but uber chic at the same time.

As always the photography is by Anne Yu. Check out her work!

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Lovin' this look? Girl, I gotchu:

What would you style this sweater with? Comment below!
Also go out and buy the same outfit so we can match and have the best lives ever.


  1. Love the sweater!

    Kara //

    1. It's my new prized possession now.


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