Jan 11, 2016

Fine Print

Coat: H&M - $40 Sale
Sweatshirt: Ann Taylor - $36 Sale
Slacks: H&M - $25
Boots: Forever 21

This outfit (the first of 2016!) has been one of my most anticipated outfits. Whenever I was going out, I'd always have this outfit in the back of my mind but I wanted to save it for a certain special moment. And while I been waiting for it's ceremonious "coming out of the closet" moment, my heart has been exploding in anticipation. Does anyone else get excited over outfits like this? It's probably just me.

The reason I love this outfit so much is because it combines my favorite wardrobe pieces into one outfit, the HOLY GRAIL of outfits. Those printed slacks, the embroidered sweatshirt, and the long, textured coat are made of dreams. (All of which I'd probably try my hardest to save in a house fire.) This combination just makes life better. I love the contrast in black and navy and the theme of print(s) with the slacks and sweatshirt. It's just a great contemporary, business casual look.

As always the photography is by Anne Yu. Check out her work!

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Do you have a Holy Grail outfit?
What piece in your wardrobe would you try to save in a fire? Comment below!

I've actually wore those slacks in another outfit post, but they've shrunk since. Thank god for 100% cotton. The fit is more flattering now.


  1. I love the coat and pants! I also really like the pop of yellow from your socks!

    1. Thanks! And RIGHT?! The coat and the pants and the socks, it's all amazing.

  2. Love the pants!



  3. love your outfit, its so chic. Your yellow sock are so cool <3

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    1. Thanks! The socks were a last minute decision too!

  4. These pictures were so perfect!Love your look and all your photos!

  5. So gorgeous and the outfit girl! You are working it for sure.



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