Feb 3, 2016

Fit & Flare

Top: Forever 21 - $12
Skirt: Bisou Bisou - $18 Sale
Boots: Forever 21

Admist the lovely 70 degree weather and our nation's beloved groundhog determining that spring is here early, I broke out this croptop-and-skirt combo. The fun trumpet cut skirt with the low-turtleneck croptop is a cute way to break out some skin and yet not look weatherly-confused. 

I love skirts, and while 85% of my skirt wardrobe is now unwearable for the constant wind tunnel I call my campus, this skirt is one of the few that are able to defy the elements. I feel like this is perfect for a "slightly-overdressed-at-a-coffeeshop-because-everyone-should-admire-me-and-my-luxurious-wardrobe" look.

As always the photography is by Anne Yu. Check out her work!

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