Apr 9, 2015

Cut Me Some Slack + Haircut

Top: Forever 21 - $17
Slacks: H&M - $25
Flats: Ross - $10

 Well, my hair shrunk. I actually decided back in November that I wanted to grow my hair out and donate it, and I finally cut it! I donated about 10.5 inches of my hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. I decided on their program even though it only exclusively helps women with cancer. Unlike the other programs out there, Pantene's requirements are only 8 inches. And with less restrictions, that equals more people helped by the program!

The hair cut itself took my hair dresser a good 10 minutes just to cut through my ponytail. And the dismembered ponytail was really scary-looking. Even though I knew it was my own hair, It was too freaky to see it not attached to my head. Nonetheless, I'm really glad I got to help someone rock my locks*.

I decided to wear these black and white, high-waisted slacks. You can definitely dress cropped slacks down with a chambray shirt or oversized sweater or dress it up with a blouse or fancy crop top. I love how they're a more casual and modern version of a typical pair of slacks with the rosebud print and cropped length.  To keep myself from looking like too much of an accountant, I paired it with a fun high-collar, textured shirt. I like how the texture pattern plays off the rosebud print of the slacks.

I feel like I could run a business and at the same time go for a stroll through Target.

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Have you ever donated or thought to donate your hair? Do you like long hair or short hair better?
Have you tried to rock cropped slacks? Comment below!

*I thought I made this really creative phrase but it turns out someone already thought of it and made a salon called "Rock My Locks". Dang it.

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