Apr 3, 2015

Recent Daily Trials

I've been pretty busy... with embarrassing myself. Here's a list of recent embarrassments:

- I was washing my hair with one hand. As I brought up my other hand to help, I jumped and screamed in the shower thinking it was someone else's hand. I basically momentarily forgot I had two hands.

- I discovered the new "Potato Bar" in the dining hall. The server gestured towards a pair of tongs saying "Use those and get a bowl and a potato." I had interpreted the message as saying I needed to use the tongs to pick up the bowl. Now, I'm not a ninja warrior, so I thought it was a really odd custom of the Potato Bar to have to pick up a bowl with a pair of tongs, but nonetheless I "tried".
(I'm really good with chopsticks, so I like to think I wasn't completely making a fool of myself.) The server and the people waiting behind me stared, completely dumbfounded at what I was doing. After struggling for five minutes, she said, "No, you pick the tongs up, grab a bowl with your hands, and use the tongs to get the potato." After I acted like a normal human and grabbed the bowl with my hands (Maybe I forgot about my hands again? See above) and my potato as instructed, I ran off. I think potato bars and fancy utensils are just too much for me to handle.

- I completely fell and flopped on the concrete TWICE while walking to class. And each time started with me simply tripping. I could have easily caught myself but for some reason I couldn't (Thanks alot, Universe). My arms were flailing and my whole body just bounced on the concrete. I ended up rolling around a bit too, so I just looked beyond crazy. As I fell, I could see the look of concern/amusement on people's faces. Cool. I don't know how to walk.

- I was volunteering at an Open House event for high school seniors and their parents. Let me tell you, those kids lose their parents left and right; FAMILIES ARE TORN during Open Houses. A boy told me he was looking for his parents and I vowed to find him his family. Later a couple came by looking for their son. THIS WAS MY MOMENT TO SHINE. I told them where I thought their son was looking for them and waited to hear about how I saved the boy's life from abandonment. But then I saw the parents walking away with a completely different boy and the boy walking away with a different couple. I ALMOST SET THE BOY UP WITH THE WRONG FAMILY. 

Anything embarrassing happen to you guys recently? Comment below!
This reminds me of my "awkward phase" in high school.


  1. Your moments are so hilarious.

    One embarrassing moment happened when I was in my private piano class with my teacher. I had just finished playing and she was giving me commentary and what not. Meanwhile, the entire time I was trying to hold in a gas (I know disgusting, but true). I managed to hold it in, but my body decided to make this load internal sound that blew my cover of trying to hold it all in. We were both silent for a few moments, making no eye contact. Then, I began playing the piano as if nothing happened.

  2. Hahaha. That basically happened to me but it was my piano teacher who made a weird sound!

  3. hahahaha! You should see me walking home from school, I trip over nothing at least 5 times. You are so funny!

  4. That was a fun read! Embarrassing stuff happens to everyone all the time! I tripped and fell over a few times too but I just try and go on ahead and walk hoping that no one noticed!

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change

  5. Yeah same! I just got up and ran away haha.

  6. Hahaha, hilarious!
    (I may or may not be stalking your entire blog after I rediscovered one of your comments on mine. Don't judge me.)
    My most embarrassing moments... hmmm... well, most of my life would seem like an embarrassement, but I don't let anything shame me. #TooCoolForYouLife

    Although I used to shoplift as a kid because I didn't know we had to pay to buy things. And I used to steal from my enemies because, well, they were my enemies. Once in kindergarten, this girl had a cute purple pencil with a soft, fluffy, animal head on the eraser end. I took it.
    Once in the third grade, this jackass guy who picked on me was showing off his new purple glitter pen. I took it, and pretended like I didn't know anything when he asked the entire class if they'd seen it. SERVES YOU RIGHT, BULLY-MAN!

    Huh. I guess I really liked purple things as a child.

  7. Thanks for stalking! :)

    Hahah, an "animal head" pencil; I remember those. And I used to take things as a kid too. I once took a jack from the game Jacks and Ball. When the daycare teacher found me, I couldn't tell whether or not I was in trouble since she had a lazy eye and who knows what she actually saw. But either way I got away with it!


Thanks for living in the fast lane and commenting, you cool kid you!