Mar 27, 2015

Gif Challenge ft. The Oddest Cartoons

I've been nominated by Jelena from Social Fatality to do her Gif Challenge!

I chose to use cartoons instead of gifs though (I hate gifs). I hope you guys appreciate my artistic talent and craftsmanship!

1. When someone cuts me in line

2. When someone's being pretentious

3. When I'm being pretentious

4. When I have to socialize

5. When I talk to boys

6. When I think of chicken or Jake Gyllenhaal

7. When I miss an episode of a show I like

8. When I embarrass myself

9. When my phone is being dumb

10. When I get a 100 on a test

11. When someone annoying tries to talk to me

12. When some does something really nice for me

13. When I act like I’m rich

14. When I walk down the hallway

I nominate Allie for the challenge!

I hope you've enjoyed these; go check out Jelena's post as well!

Sorry it's been so long! I've been caught up in schoolwork!

How do you feel about these scenarios? 
Do you think my cartoons are accurate? Comment below!

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