Feb 26, 2015

Liebster Award

I have been nominated and thus inducted into the world of the elite Liebster recipients. Thank you to Rebecca and Allie for the nominations! This is alot like the 11 Questions Tag I did, only I get this spiffy badge on my site and now everyone thinks I'm ten times cooler than I really am.
The general rules:
- Thank your nominator for the award and display YOUR OWN VERSION of this badge of honor. (Be creative!)
- Answer the 11 questions that blogger gives you
- Write 11 facts about yourself
- Nominate 11 low-key, underrated bloggers and LET THEM KNOW
- Give them 11 questions to answer
- Eat 11 sandwiches*
- Donate $11 to me*

1. Can you describe yourself in 11 words?
I think this blog can describe me better than I can.

2. What's your favorite book?
It's really unfair to ask any book lover for their favorite book. I usually read in phases so there's way too many books that I've liked to mention. I do have to say that I'm a huge shameless fan of chick lit and anything by Sarah Dessen, Elizabeth Scott, Meg Cabot, and other random books here and there, DRIVE MY SOUL.

3. What's the most awkward situation you've ever been in?
Well there's the time I accidentally wrote a research paper on fetishes, and the time I accidentally scissored a guy in Theatre class, and the time I was man-handled in the lunch line, and other events that I'm still recovering from...

4. Where would you most like to travel?
I really want to visit Eastern Europe, South America, and Asia! And Ellen’s house of course!

5. Favorite sandwich filler?
I honestly thought this said "sandwich filter" as in, the filter I use for sandwich photographs.
But my favorite sandwich filler would be chicken. ALWAYS chicken.

6. What would you say is your biggest flaw?
My introversion! I can't socialize more than like 2 times in a month without feeling overwhelmed.

7. List something you love about yourself!
Well I think I’m pretty dang cool. I’d date myself.

8. What’s your most treasured item?

9. What do you fear the most?
I'm partly claustrophobic, agoraphobic (ironically) and I have a fear of heights. So if I ever were to be sent to space I would literally endure so much inner turmoil, because I'd be trapped in a small space that's in a never ending open space far, far away from the ground. I'd spontaneously combust. Oh and if that spaceship was filled with any sort of bug or creature that doesn't resemble a dog or cat, I'd combust again.

10. Describe your "spirit animal"

11. Do you believe in fate?

Kind of, sort of. I can't really decide. I think that there's always choice and free will but then again the whole destiny shebang seems pretty convincing too. I don’t know then. Fate, if you're real, give me a million dollars.


I'm nominating this award to the first 11 bloggers who can comment with their favorite quote from me! And make sure to tag me back in your posts, I want to see your answers!

And they have to answer these 11 questions:
1. What would you want to have as your last meal?
2. What would you do with a billion dollars?
3. If you could be anything you ever wanted, what would be your dream job?
4. What superpower would you want to have?
5. Truth or Dare? [If Truth: What is your most embarrassing moment? If Dare: Post a letter declaring your love for your crush on your blog (And be descriptive! I want some Nicholas Sparks-level stuff!)]
6. If you could rename yourself, what would that name be and why?
7. Would you rather forget all your memories or never be able to make new ones?
8. What Myer-Briggs personality are you and what does it say about you?
9. What needs to be an invention?
10. What is your latest favorite book?
11. If there was a holiday named after you, what day would it be and what things would people do to celebrate that day?

And I'm going to opt out of writing 11 facts about myself. At this point, I'm really getting tired of the number 11.

*Not actual requirements of the award, but if your heart desires 11 sandwiches and you want to send me $11, I won't stop you.
Does anyone else wonder why the number 11 is so popular?
If you're too lazy to accept this award (completely understandable), just give me your answer to one of my questions! Comment below!

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  1. Congrats on the well deserved Liebster! ;)

  2. Just nominated you for my GIF challenge!



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