Dec 11, 2015

Past Viviane Embarrasses Me

I got the letter I wrote to myself 1.5 years ago, and it's beyond embarrassing.

Right after my high school graduation, I wrote a letter to myself through, and set a random date and time for it to arrive. AND IT DID. I was expecting it to arrive after 5 months but 2014 Viviane didn't know what she was doing. 

Let us have a moment of silence for these words of wisdom from 2014 Viviane, also known as "Speed Demon".

Yes, the future is grim with girls in oversized shirts and "Satan's pants". But I awkwardly now own 2 pairs of yoga pants. I know, I know. I have compromised my strongest morals. BUT I NEED THEM TO WORK OUT IN THE WINTER, or "Occassionally Attend a Dance Workshop". And by occassion I mean once in a full moon. And by once in a full moon I mean never.

Good for you Speed Demon, good for you.
This is actually surprisingly insightful. I also got this in the midst of finals week and it was a really cool reminder to just let life happen.

(But it was also really bizarre that I'm being consoled by my 18 year old self. IS THIS THE FUTURE OR WHAT?)

 I'm sorry to yet again disappoint you, me from the future. But no, I'm not cool now.

I feel like even if I was 30, my mom would still yell at me if I ever got a tattoo. #AsianParents

YES OUR (MY?!) COMPUTER DID BREAK AGAIN. This is a sad state of existing. 

Thanks for the reminder girl. You always got my back (literally).

HAHAHAHAHAHA. This is so hilarious and bizarre. My past self is scolding me for being single. 

And also real sad considering the lack of development in "the love department". I'm trying to get off the bench Viviane, BUT LIFE KEEPS TELLING ME TO SIT BACK DOWN!

Does staying out past midnight count as rebellion? Then yes, I have.

I surprisingly haven't done anything embarrassing since "The Entanglement" fiasco of 2011. Props Viviane. We're done with our awkward phase!

That "weird teeth brace" is gone! Yay for my third phase of braces done. Yay for a decade worth of orthodontics. Yay for decent teeth.

I've been reading really crappy, free iBooks. It's shameful. Let's not speak of it.


Update: Here in college, I am rolling around in a meadow of joy. Except I'm in flames. And I'm rolling around in a weekly diet of pizza and piles of assignments. 

This was insanely cool. It was like reading a diary directed to myself. I'm thinking about writing tons of letters to myself and randomly setting different dates. And it'll be like the Time Traveler's Wife. I'll have little visits from Past Viviane. 'Cause we all know, she's cooler/funnier/greater than I'll ever be.

What do you think about writing a letter to yourself? Comment below!


  1. I think it's cool, introspective and hiliarious. You have inspired me to give it a go.

    1. You definitely should! It's really cool to talk to yourself and its way more fun than a diary


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