Nov 25, 2015

Meet Sierra!

Sierra Bailey of Words On My Page is the winner of the Back to School Fashion Contest! *Throws hundred dollar bills and muffins in the air*

I realize how long overdue this is, but in my defense college life is so hectic I can't even remember a time when I had actual (non-pizza) food.

As the winner, I get to enlighten all ya'll with her gloriousness (aka interview her).

Describe your sense of style.
Half of my closet is from my grandmother, and the other half is from the brooding bohemian hipster down the street. Not literally of course, but the two describe the essence of my closet. Floral dresses, overly large sweaters, and oxfords are my style staples.

Worst fashion trend ever.
You know the long, monogramed, “frocket” style shirts that make shorts seem nonexistent, right? Yeah. Please don’t wear those. I know it’s a popular and preppy trend, but it’s not okay when people question whether or not you’re wearing pants. Try pairing the shirts with jeans. Actually, I might even accept leggings. Either one would make the trend less painful.

What is some advice you have for other college students?
Since I’m a sophomore with a year of college life under my belt, I certainly have quite a bit of advice for college students, especially freshman. First of all, don’t be afraid to change and grow as an individual; however, don’t let other people manipulate those changes. Do follow your dreams. Don’t let others tell you what those dreams are.

If you could be anything you ever wanted, what would be your dream job?
This is so easy to answer. I would be a writer— fiction, poetry, and academic work— living in the UK. Except writing doesn’t really pay much… Which is all really beside the point, because I’m an English major with a specialization in British literature… In my opinion, the dream job is equivalent to my ultimate goal.

What would you want to have as your last meal?
Is this a last meal that someone else is buying? If so, I’d love some imported Chinese food. If not, I’d honestly settle for Innovasian’s microwavable fried rice. A poor college student can’t be picky.

What superpower would you want to have?
Invisibility. As an introvert, having the ability to vanish would save me so much trouble. I could practically hermit anywhere.

If you could rename yourself, what would that name be and why?

I love the name Jane. Actually, if I were to rename myself Jane, it would be for the soul purpose of marrying someone with the last name of Austen. Yes, I aspire to become the Jane Austen of the twenty-first century.

What Myer-Briggs personality are you and what does it say about you?
Myer-Briggs personality types fascinate me. I’m an INTJ, and the quirky personality stories typically cast me as the villain who attempts (and might I note, achieves) world domination. Thankfully, my level of cynicism hasn’t reached that desperate of a degree, so I think everyone should be safe. In reality, INTJ is one of the smallest population percentages, which means that I typically feel like a stranger. The library is my best friend. My academic goals are top priority. If I don’t graduate valedictorian of my class, it will trigger the end of the world. The end.

If there was a holiday named after you, what day would it be and what things would people do to celebrate that day?

It would be the first day of fall, and everyone would read books under trees, drink coffee at local brews, and wear comfy sweaters. Which is what a lot of people do already, but the first day of fall needs much more recognition. 

How would people celebrate a holiday named after you? Comment below!
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