Jan 9, 2015

Why I Hate JLo

I know there are probably a plethora of JLo shirt-wearing, "Jenny From the Block"-singing fans out there, but I am simply not one of them.

Reason #1

She ALWAYS has a white guy as a love interest in ALL her movies*. This is super suspicious because she's been in a billion movies where she's always some precious Latina flower or something that happens to pick up an affluent white guy, and his family struggles with accepting her culture. How is it, that in all the different movies, with all the different story lines (debatable), with all the different guys auditioning, her male lead is ALWAYS white. It's a conspiracy, I'm telling you. JLo obviously has a fetish for white guys and is manipulating her directors into casting one.

Reason #2

YOU ARE 45 WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS BEING INAPPROPRIATELY "SEXY"? She's a mom and she's still trying to ride off her 2000's fame with crappy songs and raunchy outfits. I'm all about people being comfortable in their skin, but she should dress more age-appropriate! If my mom casually dressed like  JLo, my eyes would melt and I'd explode into flames.

Reason #3


There's just an ick factor to me about her. She's like the Nickleback or Nick Cage for me.

What about you? How would you feel if JLo was your mom? Comment below!
As you can see, my Paint skills have improved. Although, I still haven't given myself hair yet.

*Her Hispanic male counterpart in The Boy Next Door is her enemy not her love interest so he doesn't count.


  1. Haha. YESSS. You get me. Her existence just makes me shiver.

  2. Here is another reason to dislike J-LO: Her acting skills are less than stellar. I struggle with The Wedding Planner, though the white guy she is cast with is easy on the eyes.

  3. Exactly! Matthew McConaughey makes the movie somewhat tolerable.


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